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The Cure For Brain Fog: Brain Food IV Drip

Do you struggle with frequent brain fog and general fatigue? Do you have difficulties focusing on the task at hand? How is your memory lately?

If these symptoms sound all too familiar, you might consider a “Brain Food IV Drip Session” from Drip Doctors of Arkansas!

This drip includes NAD+ and Myers. This Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a co-factor found in each living cell. NAD+ plays a role in cell health and function such as DNA repair, circadian rhythm, metabolism, muscle function, tissue repair, and cognitive function.

This is one beast of a drip and could be the answer your brain has been looking for!

Give your brain the boost it needs with a Brain Food IV Drip, today!

At Drip Doctors of Arkansas, we are an elite wellness lounge that offers a wide variety of services including, IV therapy, compression, cryotherapy, and facials/injections. Our team of medically-directed providers helps to identify and recommend services to our clients. We have physicians and nurse practitioners on staff supervising our services and treatments. It is our mission to provide prophylaxis, restoration, rejuvenation, and healing to all of our clients from day one.

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