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IV Drip Therapy Spotlight: Mr. Myers

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Drip Doctors of Arkansas IV Drip Therapy

Stress does not discriminate. Whether you're a busy worker bee running around the office 40+ hours a week, a full-time hard-working athlete, or a non-stop moving stay-at-home mom, you can feel when your stress levels are taking a toll on your wellbeing.

That's when it's time to call in our favorite stress-reducing IV Drip Therapy Treatment, "Mr. Myers". This drip is designed the help alleviate stress, improve immunity, restore balance, provide hydration, reduce migraines, and reduce chronic pain.

Here's everything you get in our Mr. Myers IV Drip treatment:





-Vit C

When your stress levels are high, your immune system typically goes low. But, with Mr. Myers drip therapy running through your veins, your body can get the boost it needs to keep you on top of your game. Trust us when we say your stress levels won't know what hit them with this treatment!

At Drip Doctors of Arkansas, we are an elite wellness lounge that offers a wide variety of services including, IV therapy, compression, cryotherapy, and facials/injections. Our team of medically-directed providers helps to identify and recommend services to our clients. We have physicians and nurse practitioners on staff supervising our services and treatments. It is our mission to provide prophylaxis, restoration, rejuvenation, and healing to all of our clients from day one.

Book an appointment with us by calling 1-888-362-3747 or by scheduling a visit right from our website, here:

“Less Aches and Pains, Revitalizing Your Complete Body for High-Performance Living”

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