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IV Drip Therapy Spotlight: Lean Machine

It’s time to get swimsuit ready for summer here in Arkansas!

With just a few weeks away from swimming pool opening season and the official first day of summer, we’re here to help you spring into your summer body at Drip Doctors of Arkansas!

One of our most popular IV Drip Therapy Treatments at our clinic during the spring/summer months is our “Lean Machine” treatment. That’s because this drip packs a serious punch for leaning out and looking our very best. It helps you burn fat, feel energized, improve your overall performance, and boost your metabolism!

What more could you need to get that summer boost?

Here's everything you get in the "Magic Myers" IV Drip Treatment:

-B1,B2, B3, B5, B6







If you’re looking to trim down, boost your energy, and nourish your body with the fuel it needs this summer, this IV Drip Treatment is everything and more that you need to do just that.

At Drip Doctors of Arkansas, we are an elite wellness lounge that offers a wide variety of services including, IV therapy, compression, cryotherapy, and facials/injections. Our team of medically-directed providers helps to identify and recommend services to our clients. We have physicians and nurse practitioners on staff supervising our services and treatments. It is our mission to provide prophylaxis, restoration, rejuvenation, and healing to all of our clients from day one.

Book an appointment with us by calling 1-888-362-3747 or by scheduling a visit right from our website, here:

“Less Aches and Pains, Revitalizing Your Complete Body for High-Performance Living”

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