• Shelby McFarland

Drip Doctors are Thankful in November

We love to treat our clients any chance we can get. Drip Doctors of Arkansas decided to make November a month of Thankfulness. Each week, we will be offering 50% to a special group of people in our community. You can book your appointment through our website or give us a call.

Week 1: First Responders - Our First Responders work hard every day! They show up to the scene before anyone else and stay until the job is done. We are offering them 50% off any service when they book with us in the first week of November.

Week 2: Teachers

  • Teachers are the most important people in our kids’ lives. They are on the front lines this year battling COVID and ensuring the safety of their students. Some have had to get out of their comfort zone and do more than they were ever expected. We want to treat them to 50% off any service when they book the second week of November.

Week 3: Nurses

  • WOW...that is all we can say about the hard work that every single nurse in our country has put in during this devastating year. They are on the front lines every day ensuring the health of their patients- our friends, family, and neighbors. They deserve 50% off any service- send them in on the 3rd week of November!

Week 4: Coaches

  • Coaches put in hours of work in front of the crowd and behind the scenes. They deserve a session of relaxation on their week off from school. Send them in the 4th week of November for 50% off any service.

Interested in booking an appointment? Click this link:

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