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Ask The Drip Doctors: What is the difference between a fat reduction and weight loss treatment?

CryoLyft Sessions for Fat Loss in Arkansas

Our CryoLyft sessions are fat reduction treatments. It's important to understand that these sessions are not a weight-loss treatment. Though fat reduction and weight loss can produce similar-looking results, the two have fundamental differences.

Let's take a look at these differences together!

The number of fat cells a person has is fixed. Once you reach adulthood, the body does not create or get rid of fat cells. This is where our metabolism rates come into play as we age. Fat reduction actually eliminates a portion of fat cells from your body. CryoLyft can reduce fat cells by 25% within a particular area, and because the body does not create new fat cells, once they are excreted those fat cells cannot grow back.

This results in visible fat reduction that lasts.

Here are a few of our favorite TOP benefits of our CryoLyft Treatments:

  • Eliminate fat without surgery

  • Zero downtime

  • Non-invasive

  • Tone and tighten skin

  • No bruising or distorted adipose appearance

CryoLyft Treatment for Fat Loss in Bryant Arkansas

Let our team help you feel your best with a CryoLyft session! This non-invasion fat loss technology will help you shape the body YOU want!

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